Flexible Curtain Tracks, Simplified.
Reinforced with Metal Spine

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Which Track to Select?

Flexible track:

        Select type:

  • Standard duty (T3) : Suitable for light-weight applications, such as shower curtains and closet enclosures.
  • Medium duty (T2) : Stronger, bigger in size; good for most residential applicatons, including black-out or velvet drapery. Also ideal for light commercial, institutional and similar applications.
  • Heavy duty (T1) : For thicker, heavier commercial and industrial use.

       Select length:

  • For less than 16.4 ft, click on photo of a track kit ( 3 sizes ) that corresponds to the type and length that meets your needs. Each package contains all required materials for a small project.
  • For lengths between 17 ft and 164 ft, click on photo of the track type you need ( standard, medium or heavy ), fill in your desired length, and we will custom cut it accordingly.
  • For over 164 ft (standard or medium duty) or over 98 ft (heavy duty), click on a photo of one of the rolls.


Straight track: 

We offer straight tracks (in 8 ft long pieces) for when a track’s straightness is of main concern and continuity of track is not as important.  TS3 and TS2 tracks are made of identical materials as our T3 and T2 flexible tracks.  AS2 is medium size, made of aluminum, with powder coating, superior quality finish.

         Select type:

Standard duty (TS3):  Suitable for light-weight applications such as shower curtains or closet enclosures.
Medium  duty  (TS2):  Stronger and bigger in size.  Good for most of residential applications including black-out or velvet drapery.
Aluminum        (AS2): Ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

Select required components:

  • All tracks, except track kits, require you to purchase components for a complete system.
  • These required components are specified on a subsequent page after you select type of track.