Flexible Curtain Tracks, Simplified.
Reinforced with Metal Spine

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The FlexTracks Advantage

  • Easy Installation: DIY-friendly; just cut with a hacksaw to size
  • Highly Flexible:  Bends to any angle to fit the layout and shape of a curvature; works for straight lines too.
  • Smooth Gliding:  Carries substantial load-bearing capacity of 32 lbs per foot with 4 rollers for standard duty track
  • Noiseless:  Ball-bearing rollers minimize running friction
  • Solid and Durable:  Patented structural design; made with exceptional-quality materials and a superior finish
  • Easy to Handle and Store:  Transportable or store-able in rolls

 flex advantage

FlexTracks is a highly bendable, multipurpose curtain track system that can be quickly customized to fit any wall shape or ceiling curvature.

Prefabrication is a thing of the past — all you need to do is cut to size with a hacksaw. Splicing the track is also unnecessary because our tracks come in continuous rolls of up to 164 feet. Turning 90-degrees corners can be as tight as 3″ radius, and ball-bearing rollers ensure smooth and quiet gliding.

Unlike most other curtain tracks, which are made of either brittle plastic or painted metal, FlexTracks is constructed with steel and resin. An I-beam configuration with an embedded metal spine allows our tracks to hold substantial vertical loads while also bending horizontally to any curve.