Flexible Curtain Tracks, Simplified.
Reinforced with Metal Spine

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 round window installation

STEP 1: Install Inside mount cartridge.
STEP 2: Track with all mounting cartridges are in place.
STEP 3: Button strip sew to back of curtain with rollers snaps in.
STEP 4: Insert Rollers onto track.

We have created an extremely easy and DIY friendly system for you to install a curved window curtain track which is openable. In addition, the kit contains a number of optional items in order to accommodate you to accomplish whichever curtain style you want done. Although it is not our function to act in any role in designing your curtain, we like you to be reminded that primary challenge to do a successful project with our system is to provide sufficient tension on the fabric so that it will remain a tight shape when it is in close position, and the sliders won't fall down due to gravity when curtain is intended to remain open.

The following are what we'd suggest:

1: Make a very tight fit curtain.
2: Tightly insert the enclosed elastic band through a 2" pocket that is sewn along inside rim of the curtain. A void ring will be created as a result. Many alternatives can be applied to cover it if intended.
3: Use 4 way elastic fabric such as Spandex or a portion of it in combination with other regular material.
4: Use enclosed tension ring as a design feature when fully closed curtain is not important.
5: If applicable, use enclosed suction cup, adhere the curtain to geographic center of window glass for extra stability.
6: Combination of the above methods.